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The most successful salespeople do a "walk-around" on a vehicle, using the new-car sticker to build value in their product. This step is just as vital in the used car market. 

Dealer Specialties' used car window stickers help achieve higher grosses, and requires NO work from the dealership. Additionally, "after-hours" shoppers will have the benefit of a "silent salesperson" building value in the vehicle, even when the store is closed!

There is no delay in affixing the windows stickers to the cars. The stickers are printed out at as soon as the technician finishes entering the data. Included in the service is printing and installing the FTC required Buyers Guide.


We collect data via a personal inspection of each vehicle, assuring the inclusion of all of the pertinent options and information. Since the technician sees hundreds of vehicles weekly, they are experts in spotting hard to find options and trim packages.

After collecting data, our technician captures digital photos of the vehicle, determining the best lighting and angle for an online presentation. Dealers have the option of single, or multiple photos of each vehicle, including both interior and exterior shots.

The digital photo gives the cyber shopper more reason to inquire about the vehicle. More reason to visit the lot. More reason to buy!


Vehicle data is submitted to whichever Internet sites the dealer chooses. In fact, Dealer Specialties has data distribution agreements with virtually every major automotive site in existence.

The AutoLink option tightly integrates vehicle data to your website. Vehicle information used to generate the window sticker is uploaded each day to your website, ensuring timely, thorough inventories - with no extra effort from you! Best of all, your vehicle data is available at your store's own site, no matter who developed or hosts your site.

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